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If the 1999 season was the worst ever, the 2000 season was easily the best.

Not unlike the previous season, it began with a move equally as bold as Mike Ditka's trading of the entire draft for Heisman trophy winner, Ricky Williams.

Tom Benson cleaned house.

Only Charles Bailey was left standing after the pink slips were handed out and when the dust finally settled, Saints Fans saw Randy Mueller as the GM, Jim Haslett as the Head Coach and 31 new players on the roster.  Saints fans had never before been as equally excited as the were  cautious.

Among the breakthroughs that season, the Saints found their franchise Quarterback in Aaron Brooks, who became the first QB ever to rush for over 100 yards and pass for over 400 yards in the same season and delivered a win in his first career start over the defending Superbowl Champions and hated division rival, the St. Louis Rams.  After being buried on the depth chart in Kansas City,  Joe Horn became the number one receiving threat, posting 94 catches for over 1,300 yards and this new regime gave Saints Fans what they hungered for the most: Their first playoff win.

Indeed, this was only the beginning...

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